Stijn is intrigued by the power of sound and the magic of listening.
Sound is a powerful tool to artistically engage the listener directly on an emotional level. The fact that people connect in a relational way with what they hear makes it even more interesting for Stijn to freely and intuitive compose and improvise.
Sound is a privilege not only for the ears, but for the whole body. Also the territory of sound is an artistic variable in his work.

(A website like this is however not the perfect medium to experience his work)

Stijn’s work resonates within four domains:

sound / listening art
aifoon, murmur, Watch Out!, Watch In!, Glimpse, Fondouk, WalkMan, AudioHacking

experimental music
DCKL, Inwolves, Kaboom Karavan, Elms Willdick, 296km, Rotwang, we were two cars, Circuit

Je Suis Sang, Hollow Men, Epidemic, Plock!, Stadsruis, Vocht

mixed media
Melting Pot, Cyclorama, De Muur, Homeland, Mixed Media

The research question in Stijn’s work is in an artistic way investigating the relationship between Listening, movement and being moved.
With his surround approach and portable speakers he researches the physicality of listening. By letting the public carry and move speakers / sounds through space he creates interference between ’the real sound’ and his composed sound. He confronts this external dialogue with an internal dialogue of emotional deliberation and identification.

Stijn does neither follow nor design a score, but approaches composing sound rather as a scenography. Due to the spatial and physical characteristics, Stijn’s work leans more towards a sound choreography than to that of a musical composition.