Stijn Dickel is artistic director of the art organisation aifoon

aifoon is investigating the movement, dimensions and scope of listening in a variety of different ways: from short tasters to in-depth and long-term projects, on stage or in museums, in schools or studios, in urban or rural environments, not only with specialists but most of all with the involvement of the general public.

We are capturing sounds and use them as raw materials for artistic productions and participative projects such as audio walks, audio hackings, aural massages and sound compositions. Furthermore, we are also developing workshops and take up residency in museums and other cultural or art institutions.

aifoon itself is also constantly in motion: as a nomadic arts organisation we are looking at the world as our laboratory. Co-creation is central to what we do, together with various partner organisations, artists and with the general public, but also with key players in a range of fields, including youth work, education, care, architecture, environment and urban planning.

Only by working together in this way can we build towards a richer listening culture and develop an artistic and societal discourse with regard to listening, silence and acoustics.