Short bio
Stijn Dickel worked with Troubleyn / Jan Fabre as musician-performer in Je Suis Sang / I am blood. As an experimental musician he has been playing in different bands and improvisation ensembles. He also has been composing various sound compositions and been developing sound concepts for dance, theater, circus, video art and documentary.
Stijn is artistic director and listening artist at art organisation aifoon, where he investigates the relationships between listening and movement / being moved through participatory projects and productions.

Longer bio
The research question in Stijn’s work is in an artistic way investigating the relationship between Listening, movement and being moved.
With his surround approach and portable speakers he researches the physicality of listening. By letting the public carry and move speakers / sounds through space he creates interference between ’the real sound’ and his composed sound. He confronts this external dialogue with an internal dialogue of emotional deliberation and identification.

Stijn does neither follow nor design a score, but approaches composing sound rather as a scenography. Due to the spatial and physical characteristics, Stijn’s work leans more towards a sound choreography than to that of a musical composition.

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