AudioHacking // Ras el Hanout

Stijn went for 10 days to Marrakesh to record sounds in the Medina. These recordings were used to aurally manipulate a group of people from a different culture. The group of people who were treated, were people were strolling in a park during the Ghent Feast (2014). Stijn arranged four speakers in the park and with a controller he created a different aural setting. With a database of Moroccan sounds he sent the listening of “the public” in different directions and after every 30 minutes of improvising with the sounds Stijn did an interview with the people.

This project was commissioned by Trefpunt and aifoon.

AudioHacking // Deep Sweet 

In cooperation with Post X (Wouter Cox) and FoAM Stijn infiltrated with his concept of Audiohacking during a sensual dinner.

Pictures by Kobe Wens.