We Were Two Cars

In the framework of Istanbul Ekspres festival by De Centrale and Handelsbeurs Karen Willems and Stijn Dickel had the opportunity to have a musical encounter with Barkin Engin and Burak Tamer from Reverie Falls on All.

Field recordings were their starting point and their inspiration for a free intercultural improvisation. 

After a successful concert in Ghent the musicians met each other again in 2015 to rehearse in Istanbul and to play a concert in Peyote (Istanbul) and in Handelsbeurs (Ghent).

Pictures by Steven Hendrix

This soundtrack / soundscape is the result of a musical improvisation of Barkin Engin (guitar, voice and electronics), Burak Tamer (guitar and synth), Karen Willems (drums and percussion) and Stijn Dickel (guitar and field recording).