murmur is an acrobatic sound performance commissioned by grensgeval and aifoon. In this performance Stijn is using his inspiration to create portable sound compositions (Watch out!, Watch Out, Forte!, Watch in!, Glimpse,…) and takes it to a higher level.
For murmur Stijn developed a sound choreography for 31 speakers. Nine speakers are hidden in the performer’s costume. Two large speakers can be thrown around in the space. Each spectator sitting around the performer carries a backpack and 20 of which hold a small speaker.
Together with Jeroen Vandesande and Tim De Paepe, Stijn conceptualised a portable audio system for 20 wifi speakers called De Zwerm.
The portable surround system De Zwerm makes it possible to let sounds, in a hyper realistic way, travel (along the backs of the public) and in space.

In the future Stijn intends to expand this audio system with sensors and to develop the concept of “geluidsdrager” (sound carrier) or the process where people identify themselves (or not) with the sounds that they are carrying.