Je Suis Sang – Troubleyn / Jan Fabre

Je Suis Sang  / I am blood (Jan Fabre/Troubleyn) is a medieval fairy tale. Fabre shows the physical and mental wounds which we still carry with us since the Middle-Ages. In an attempt to break free from the physical limitations and taboos, the bodies have become completely liquid, have become blood, the body’s fuel.
The spectator is confronted with bloody, gruesome, ritualistic scenes of torture, menstruation, castration, exorcisms, orgies, etc. The apocalyptic and grotesque images are populated with brides in white dresses, surgeons, knights… Fabre creates scenes that look as if they were taken from a painting by Brueghel or Hieronymus Bosch. The text, which sounds like a litany, is partly written in Latin and contains references to the works of Hildegard von Bingen.

Stijn worked together with Jan as a performer/musician from 2003-2007.

Pictures by Wonge Bergmann