WalkMan – Ultima Vez

Stijn puts a resonating embodied listening as an ‘active verb’ in the centre of his artistic research. The moving body and the state of being moved are guides in both listening and composing.

WalkMan is a walk as composition. The conceptualization of this composition is also a performance. A performance of listening. The listener/performer/composer is equipped with a binaural microphone (with a binaural microphone three-dimensional sound can be recorded) and is asked to make a sonorous route, within a given time and space. The performer has been able to study the area in advance, but, given the unpredictability of daily events, much depends on the moment. The binaural technique is used to enable the body of the performer as a kind of equalizer to create the instant composition. The trajectory is a recording where all compositional aspects can be addressed (dynamics, velocity, etc.) including the auditory (additive) improvisation (real time).

Within the context of a masterclass the dancers of Ultima Vez collaborated with Stijn for this research project.
Special thanks go to aifoon, Q-O2 and Ultima Vez: Pavel Masek, Sebastian Mendez, Aymara Parola, Eddy Oroyan, Livia Balazova, Maria Kolegova, Revé Terborg and Saïd Gharbi.

This video is a footage for a visual study.

Video stills.

This project was commissioned by aifoon.